Autumn Family Festival


Today at Wunderpark we celebrated our Autumn Family Festival.

All the parents and children were invited to take part in 5 different activities.

1. Fairground Games with Mr. Robert.
2. Pumpkin Painting with Ms. Marina.
3. Scarecrow Making with Mr. Dan.
4. Autumn Art with Ms. Sandy. 
5. Pumpkin shapes blindfolded.

As you can see from the photos the children and parents had a great time, creating art work and competing for merits, and in some groups the rivalry was fierce!

Once all five activities had finished we invited all the parents and children to have Mr. Dans Secret recipe Autumn cider in the café.

This truly was a joyous occasion that had something for everyone. Sportsmen, Artists and Families all excelled and had a great time.

We can’t wait till next year.