This weeks assembly was another filled with action from across the school!

We welcomed the children as always then got straight into the presentations.

First we had a poem from the Year 6 ESL group that work with Ms. Elena. Very well spoken, performed and memorised and a feather in their cap as to their progress in English. Well done you three!

Next we had a fantastic joint presentation from Years 4/5/6 of Krylov’s fables. The students had memorised some of his tales and took great pleasure in reciting them to their peers! Beautiful classic Russian literature came alive in this marvellous display. Simply awesome! Congratulations to all the pupils and especially Ms. Nina who coordinated the whole group.

Then we had a Year 5 boy, Ilya, presented with a special certificate from our Director, Ms. Rudenko, to acknowledge his overall contribution to school and to highlight him as a model pupil and example to his fellow students. Well done young man.

This was followed by our Pupils of the Week certificates, which this week went to only four young students. Year 1 really is setting the standard this year!! Well done and keep it!

Last but not least, we awaited the result of Week 7’s House Cup.
Once again Newton proved victorious to take their second successive victory of the term, beating Archimedes into second place.

Congratulations All Newtonians and remember, EVERY MERIT COUNTS!