English Club in London 2018


As some of you may know, we recently returned from our English Club London Visit.

On the trip were five boys from Year 5 and Year 4, accompanied by Mr. Clementson and Mr. Sinclair. We flew from Moscow early morning on Friday 8th June, eager to see if the boy’s  English skills would stand up to the scrutiny of a live environment where they would have to use their English to survive!

We arrived at Heathrow Airport in London around 13:00 that day, and from that moment on, the boys were on their own, reading and speaking to the people around them, trying to figure out where to go and what to do!


First we boarded a fast train into central London’s Paddington station, where we caught for some what was their first ride in a London black taxi cab.

On arrival at our hotel-The Westbury in London’s swanky Mayfair district-we issued the boys with maps of the surrounding area and took them for an orientation walk, where they were split into two teams and made to navigate their way back to Green Park so we could all play football.

Let’s just say that for most of them this was their first time walking long distances let alone navigating themselves with a map, so it was a steep learning curve but an enjoyable and worthwhile exercise for the boys. Some of them may have got lost but I shan’t name names!

The next day we headed off on our first excursion, a trip to Warner Bros. studios to see the actual film set where the Harry Potter movies were made! All I can say is it is truly amazing and we would recommend this to any children that have read the books or seen the films. You are made to feel like you’re actually in the film and fighting evil along with Harry, Hermione and Ron!


The next day we had two outings. Firstly we walked from our hotel to the London Eye, taking in Trafalgar Square along the way, followed by a walk down Whitehall to Parliament Square and the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately Big Ben was being renovated but the boys did see Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace as well as the Cenotaph. So much rich history and culture all together in one morning!

Eventually we arrived at The Eye and the students were treated to a breathtaking Birdseye view of some of London’s most recognisable landmarks during the thirty minute revolution.

After this we again navigated our way on foot to London’s theatre district, Covent Garden, and to the Lyceum theatre to see the world renowned Lion King show. A Y5 boy also found himself part of a street performance show in the heart of Covent Garden.

At the Lyceum, we were once again wowed by the actors, sets, music and dancers that this amazing production provided. A truly memorable experience and we all agreed that we would go again if we had the chance. Just amazing!


The next day we visited the Tower of London early in the morning before the crowds began to roll in. The boys saw the Crown Jewels, torture chambers and contraptions, and toured the historical White Tower which houses many artefacts from bygones that we’re used at the Tower, or stored there from war campaigns at home and overseas. A fascinating day out.

Next we moved to the IMAX cinema at Waterloo, which is London’s biggest cinema screen. We watched the new Jurassic Park film through 3D glasses. A scary but fun experience for all!

On the last day we headed to Waterstones Piccadilly, London’s largest bookstore, so that the children could purchase some valuable reading material as recommended by Mr. Clementson, to get them through the summer and further feed their flames for the latest English Literature for children. The place is just awesome and we highly recommend you visit the second floor with your children when you’re ever in London. The books are simply magical.


Upon leaving there, we walked the short distance up Regent Street to the world famous Hamley’s toy store. Six floors of the coolest toys, games, and magic tricks you’ve ever seen! The guys had a great time shopping and spending their money on some crazy stuff to take home and show off to their friends.

We played football every night in the parks before dinner, and had a fines system set up to maintain discipline and good behaviour while we were in London representing Wunderpark and Russia. The Court we had in the morning was a fun but clever way to remind the children that manners and behaviour are key skills in life, especially when being abroad.

In conclusion all agreed that the trip was a resounding success and we are all looking forward to next years London adventure!