Today Wunderpark took a trip back in time to a time of maidens, knights, and chivalry! For our Week 5 assembly Wunderpark held a medieval tournament. Each house, represented by a princess and a knight, took up the challenge to see which house was the most worthy.

Knights and princess are talented. The first competition was a race to see who could braid the longest braid into lengths of yarn. Against the clock, the princesses raced to make their braid longer than the rest. Congratulations to Orange!

Knights and princess are strong. Next came the tug-o-war competition. After rounds and rounds of tug-o-war trials, Orange team once again came in first!

Knights and princess are intelligent. The knights and princesses had to answer difficult questions about what invention came first.

All hail Orange team! They were the overall champions of our tournament!
What an interesting and entertaining way to spend our assembly!

After the tournament, we awarded our students of the week. Well done!

Congratulations to Archimedes House on their Week 5 weekly house cup victory! They worked hard this week to take back the title. Next we will see who the winner is for both Week 6 and for all of Module 3. It’s a close race this module!