Today’s assembly was hosted by Year 2. They shared with us the progress they are making on their IPC topic “We are what we eat.” Year 2 are learning about different types of fruit, vegetables, meals from around the world, where we get food, as well as how food can help humans grow. 

Year 2 started by sharing a song about how to order in a restaurant. Can I take your order? What would you like to drink? Fantastic singing and very useful information! Thank you Year 2! 

Year 2 also shared the results of their school-wide survey about favorite fruit. They class toured the school asking different classes and members of staff what their favorite fruit was. After collecting their data in a tally chart, Year 2 compiled all the data into a spreadsheet and displayed the information in a bar chart. With the bar chart, it was easy to see that the most popular fruit at Wunderpark International School is apples! Great work Year 2! 

Next came Mr. Vladimir who shared with us the results of Wunderpark’s internal chess tournament. This week, the classes competed against each other to see which was strongest in chess. Congratulations Year 6 on your victory! Thank you Year 3 on being welcoming hosts! 

After hearing the chess results, we honoured our Students of the Week. These students were the top 3 ClassDojo point earners over the past week in their class. Well done! 

Last, but not least, came the weekly house cup. With an outstanding 104 merits in one week, Pythagoras House took the weekly house cup! Congratulations Pythagoras! Two weeks on the trot!