IPC Exit Point Day and Assembly


On Friday, Wunderpark celebrated learning with our Module 2 IPC Exit Point Day. Today, each primary-level class shared their research discovery from Module 2. This was a great demonstration of what each year group completed over the module.

Year 1’s topic was “Push Me, Pull You,” and they started with showing us their favorite toys. Through their toys and playing, they learned about the world around them. They learned why friction is such an important force in the world and how air resistance changes things that fall. Year 1 will continue their research with friction when they make a hovercraft out of everyday items. Great job!

Year 2 talked about transportation and travel, as their IPC topic was “From A to B.” Year 2 talked about planning for a trip to space, learning about different land, sea, and air transport, and the general principles that make things move. Year 2 showed us their homemade passports, train tracks, ambulances, fire trucks and boats. The last - boats - were really but to the test when the boats were tested for seaworthiness. The three teams placed their boats into a bucket of water to test to see if they were buoyant. If their boat floated, the students added weight to see how well-crafted it was. Fantastic results!

Up next, Year 3 reported on their Exit Point activity from their topic “Material World.” The students in Year 3 worked in teams to see which type of paper (cardboard, white A4, colored A4, and paper towels) was the strongest. In their experiment, they tested each paper with a bag full of books. The paper that help the most books was determined to be the strongest. They found that cardboard was the strongest and paper towels were the weakest. Very interesting results!

Year 4’s topic this module was “Saving the World.” As their Exit Point, each student created a reports about a different jungle from around the world. They shared with us the different parts of the rainforest, the impact each rainforest has on the world as a whole, and the vital plant and animal life that we can find there. Thank you for your reports Year 4!

Next came Year 5 and their topic “Going Global - Trade and Globalization.” This topic discussed how different cultures use language to communicate with each other and the different ways they can interact. To display the difficulty that can arise in cross-cultural interactions, Year 5 created decoder rings that were used to find secret messages. Nice work Year 5!

Finally we heard from Year 6 and their topic of “Building a Village.” We learned about the various iniginous tribes from around the world. We learned about their unique languages, cultures, and history. Each student took great care to research about each tribe. Thank you Year 6!

After each year group presented, the school was asked to vote on what they thought the class did best. There were three categories: Creativity, International Mindset, and Teamwork. Each vote was important. The votes will be tallied and we will find out the winners on Monday!

After a short break, we dove right into the weekly assembly. We recognized each class that participated in Konstanin Khabensky's "In Good Hands" charity fundraiser for children with serious illnesses. The postcards the children made during Ms Olga’s art lessons were sold at a charity auction to raise money for treatment. Well done Wunderpark! Your hardwork and caring goes well beyond just Wunderpark!

Next we honored our Students of the Week. Great work to all those who won!

Last - but not least - we found out who took the weekly house cup. This week it was Archimedes House with the most merits in Week 6. Congratulations! Let’s see who will win next week!


Year 1 - Push Me, Pull You

Year 2 - From A to B

Year 3 - Material World

Year 4 - Saving the World

Year 5 - Going Global - Trade and Globalization

Year 6 - Building a Village