IPC Exit Point Day


Today marked Wunderpark International School’s IPC Exit Point Day! This celebration of knowledge was an individual, classroom, and school-wide event that brought our IPC topics for Module 1 to a close. The children created projects that demonstrated their understanding of the IPC topic, knowledge and skills.

The IPC topics for each class:

Year 1 - Superhuman
Year 2 - Buildings - Structures
Year 3 - Active Planet
Year 4 - Different Places, Similar Lives
Year 5 - Making the News
Year 6 - Bake It!

The day was full of activities that helped students both consolidate their understanding and share what they know with the wider school community.

The day started with a peer assessment from our Year 7 group. Year 7 split into teams and toured the primary classes asking questions and taking a look at what each year group had completed. Their task was to decide which year group showed the deepest understanding of their topic. Thank you for your help Year 7!

The next part of the day was a tour of each other’s classes. Classes split in two taking turns to tour or explain. One group staying to explain to visiting classes, the other going around learning about the other classes topics. Students saw how any subject can be both independent and interdependent. There was also a great sense of community as each student got to see what every other student did for their IPC Exit Point activity.

After each class, each student voted on the creativity, teamwork, and international mindset of the classes they visited. This was a nice way to include peer feedback in our IPC day!

The results of the voting and Year 7s feedback were given during our weekly assembly. Congratulations to the winners!

To conclude the day, we invited our parents into our classrooms to see what their children worked on during Module 1. Parents started in their child’s own class, then were taken around Wunderpark by their own personal tour guide - their child! Our students showed their parents each class and explained what they had learned during the Exit Point Day! Great work!

Thank you to all the students, parents, and staff that made this day possible!