This week’s Friday Assembly at Wunderpark International School was dedicated to our Houses: Archimedes, Pythagoras, Einstein and Newton.

After a short opening, each House was given several tasks to complete as a group. These included making a House flag, deciding on a House motto, finding out the most popular food in the House, and making a secret password that only House members will know. Each House broke off into different parts of the school and worked as teams to create their House identities. After a few minutes of work, each House presented what they came up with. Very interesting ideas! What school spirit!

We celebrated the Students of the Week for Week 7. There were tons of representatives from across all year groups! Congratulations to each of our Students of the Week!

Lastly, we learned the results of our Weekly House Cup competition. After a long hiatus, it was Pythagoras with a strong finish! Congratulations Pythagoras House! Well done!