This week, Wunderpark celebrated the end Week 5 with an eventful assembly.

First up, we heard from our Year 5 and 6 students who spent a long weekend in London. They shared with us they favorite memories, activities, and points of interest. We saw videos and pictures of they guys having a wonderful time! They had a great chance to practice their English in total-immersion experience. Great work to our Wunder-travelers!

Next, Mr. Douglas and Year 6 shared with Wunderpark about their “Market Day” tradition. The students are put into groups, create a store and sell their wares. This role-play helps with fluency in speaking, mental maths skills, and other communicative skills. Very interesting activity Year 6!

Ella and Artur from Year 5 shared with us about Saint Spring and how the company makes fresh, clean, and healthy water for everyone in Russia. They also talked about how Saint Spring makes drinking water interesting to younger children. At the end of the presentation, students were given bottles with the design of their favorite cartoon and movie heroes on them! Thank you for the presentation!

After this wonderful presentation, we had our students of the week. These students earned ClassDojo points over the week and were then rewarded for reaching the mark! Well done!

Finally, we had the all important house cup. This week it was close, but Newton House took the victory with 88 house merits! Congratulation Newtons!

Have a fun and safe weekend Wunderpark!