Happy Friday Wunderpark Family!

This week’s assembly was hosted by Mr. Dan and his Year 3 class. In class this week, they read and studied the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Mr. Dan’s class performed their own rendition of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scene. The students captured the atmosphere of the original scene perfectly! We have some real actors in Year 3!

Next up, Mr. Anton shared the results from his tidiness inspection throughout the school. This module Mr. Anton will be checking lockers in each class to see how our students are achieving their goals of tidiness and cleanliness. Year 3 and Year 4 are our winners so far! They had the cleanest lockers each week respectfully. Great work Wunderpark! Who will have the cleanest lockers next week?

After this we sang happy birthday to Anton from Year 3 and our lovely Ms. Anna! Happy birthday to you both!

Because of our amazing Wunderpark birthday celebrations last Friday, we awarded Students of the Week for both week 1 and 2 during this weeks assembly. Congratulations to each of our hardworking students!

Again, we had two house cup awards during Assembly. For week 1 Einstein House took the cup with an impressive effort. For Week 2

Archimedes House won with an incredible 100 merits!

Congratulations to Einstein and Archimedes Houses!

Have a fun and safe weekend!