Today's assembly celebrated another great week at Wunderpark International School!

Our Year 6 class gave an interactive presentation about the Ural mountains. They shared details about the different resources and gemstones that come from the Ural region. Year 6 challenged the entire school to solve puzzles about the amazing stones, gems, and diamonds that are found in the mountains. It was a fascinating way to start our assembly!! Thank you!

Next, students received awards for their hardwork in last week's Russian Language Week. They also received awards for the successful Olympiad work! Fantastic work to all who were honoured!

To change things up a bit, Dinora from Year 3 sang a lovely song called "Синичка". Her lovely voice was wonderful addition to our Friday. Brava!

Our Students of the Week received their awards next. There were lots of students from every year group! Great work in and out of class throughout the school! Well done!

There was a musical surprise from Year 3! The student, with the help of Ms. Julia, performed a percussion piece set to classical music. The students adeptly played their various instruments! Fantastic!

Last, but not least, came the all-important House Cup. This showed that again Einstein House were the victors! Congratulations!