In our penultimate weekly assembly, Year 4 took the lead in sharing with the other Wunderpark students.

First, Year 4 told us about how different countries around the world celebrate the New Year's holiday. They shared traditions from the United States, Italy, Switzerland, and Finland. The class did a great job pronouncing the different and unusual names of Santa Clause. Nice!

Next we were serenaded by Bike and Arina from Year 4. They sang beautifully and we're very entertaining. Bravo!

After Year 4's presentation were had a surprise poetry reading from faculty members. We heard eloquent poems from Ms. Viktoria, Ms. Elena, and Ms. Larissa. Thank you!!

After our poems, we honored our students of the week. Great work to all who received an award!

At the end, we had our weekly House Cup. Congratulations to Einstein House on their great work and team effort in collecting all their merits this week! Nice work!