Wunderpark held its weekly assembly today to mark the end of Week 2. This week was Year 4's assembly. In connection with our theme of health and safety around the school, the students recited a group poem in Russian on how students can stay safe. Well done!

Next, Year 4 introduced the new students to their class. Students shared with the school the new students' name, their best friend, and what their favorite food is. Very interesting! Welcome!

Lastly, we watched a video summary of the results of our Wunderpark EcoProject. Students and parents from Year 5 collected scrap paper from around the school and sent them off for recycling. They also collected plastic drinking cups! Great effort!

At the end, we had our weekly House Cup. Congratulations to Newton House on their great work and team effort in collecting 142 merits this week! Two on the trot! Nice work!